Award winning proof...

Here’s what makes it award winning training…

You will have seen a number of testimonials throughout this site that hopefully demonstrate that we have a lot to offer and of course the real proof will be what we can deliver for your business.

And here is what made our Leadership Programme an award winner.

Life Agency wins ‘Best Development of Agency Talent’ award at the MAA Awards

Life Agency MD David Poole


Our agency vision is built on the premise that everyone should strive for professional and personal success. We foster a high performance culture, but encourage our people to get the ‘balance’ in their lives right. This is the foundation stone of the business and something we take very seriously.

In turn, to recruit and retain the very best agency talent you need a holistic approach to training. We invest in our team, so that they can realise their ambitions, both in life and at work, which is why our approach addresses all three areas of development:

  • Building a team leadership culture
  • Developing professional expertise
  • Encouraging personal diversity

The Leadership Programme?

In the spirit of Question Everything – who says you’re not a leader? We want to be one of the best agencies. For this we need a leadership mindset and a winning mentality.

By far our most important and impactful investment in training has been the Leadership Programme. Uniquely designed in association with Red Kite World, the Leadership Programme blew the lid off the mystery or myth that leaders are some kind of magical, gifted beings.

In a series of ten all-agency (all-agency means even the MDs took part!) workshops, we looked at specific techniques needed to develop a successful Leadership mentality – whatever your role.

From subjects as diverse as Designing an Alliance or Understanding Your Personal Brand, to skills that can markedly improve inter-agency working relationships such as Active Listening and Creating From Conflict, the Leadership Programme challenged each and every member of the team to question the way they work, and to learn basic leadership skills that will make a difference to them as individuals, to their clients and to their personal lives.

The Results…

in terms of business growth (very positive), client feedback scores (our mid year review scores from key clients were the highest we have ever achieved) and, most importantly, feedback from our people.

More about the Leadership Programme

"The most rewarding experience of my career so far. It provoked me, made me think, and inspired me for the future."

Adam, Account Executive

"I have learned new life skills and it’s taught me to adapt the skills I already have... I’ve learned to listen more. It’s taught us all collectively that we do have mutual respect for each other and the programme has reinforced that everyone has a voice. "

Jo, Business Support Partner

"The training programme was very different to any I’ve encountered before, it was so participative I felt we were shaping the training as opposed to being told how to work a certain way (and no death by powerpoint)."

Benni, Senior Designer